RADAR Instigator: Fancy
Research Instigator: Keely Adler
Incubate Instigator: Matt Weatherall

Project Team: Athena Chen
Project Team: Alexi Gunner
Project Team: Akash Das
Project Team: Helen Job
Editor: Agalia Tan
Collaborator: ChatGPT

Creative Experimenter: Mariana Meireles
Creative Direction: Domingo Beta
Web Build: Fancy and ChatGPT

Contributing Experts

Contributing Expert: Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Artist, Technologist, and founder of the AI Climate Justice Lab
Contributing Expert:
Ari Melenciano, Artist, Technologist & Researcher
Contributing Expert:
E.M. Denison, Science Fiction Writer, Author of Digital Native
Contributing Expert:
Ethan Smith, Researcher & Co-Founder,
Contributing Expert:
Fabrice Guerrier, Writer, Producer & Founder, Syllble Studios
Contributing Expert:
Ken Liu, Science Fiction & Fantasy Author, Hugo and Nebula Award Winner
Contributing Expert:
Kristoffer Ørum, Interdisciplinary Researcher, Artist, & Educator
Contributing Expert:
Laura Hartenberger, Writer & Writing Teacher, UCLA
Contributing Expert:
Madeline Ashby, Science Fiction Author & Foresight Professional
Contributing Expert:
Marie Kilg, Journalist & Botmaker
Contributing Expert:
Moira Donovan, Science Journalist
Contributing Expert:
Rob Hopkins, Author, Imagination Activist & Co-Founder of Transition Network
Contributing Expert:
Ruby Thelot, Designer, Artist & Cyberethnographer
Contributing Expert:
VÉRITÉ, Professional Singer/Songwriter

Contributor: Nik
Contributor: Truck
Contributor: Anna Rose
Contributor: Livster
Contributor: Aaren
Contributor: Jay
Contributor: Tsveti
Contributor: Nayara
Contributor: Alexi
Contributor: EHB
Contributor: Chris Stefanoni
Contributor: Baron SnuggleCakes
Contributor: Signal Discussions
Contributor: Emmanuelle
Contributor: Mkocak
Contributor: Susan Wilhite
Contributor: Serena
Contributor: Tats
Contributor: Samaritual
Contributor: Athee
Contributor: Akash
Contributor: Caitlin
Contributor: Domingo
Contributor: RCRDR
Contributor: Joe Carpita

Contributor: Andy
Contributor: Patrick
Contributor: Maha
Contributor: Technoshaman
Contributor: Kapowsky
Contributor: Kristen
Contributor: OIga
Contributor: Gink
Contributor: Kairon
Contributor: Moshner
Contributor: PV
Contributor: Hrmeaner
Contributor: Agailia
Contributor: The Guin
Contributor: Jonathan
Contributor: Stephinthe future
Contributor: Jarvis
Contributor: Khayyam
Contributor: Hima
Contributor: Simon Hudson
Contributor: Cbrayst
Contributor: Vanto
Contributor: Agailia

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